In the State of Colorado, we have a lot of DUI cases where offenders are diagnosed with PTSD after they were treated in recovery centers for alcohol addiction.

DUI is very dangerous and punished by the law regardless of your job position and status. In the state of Colorado, if you drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs, your license and car will be taken away, and you will have to go to jail. If you say that you are guilty and accept to go to a recovery center, your jail time will be reduced.

What are the steps?

DIUDIU cases start when a police officer has a suspicion that driver was drinking. He will stop the car, and give a driver a DIU test.  There are few steps that he can conduct, some of them are walking in a straight line, balancing on one leg, and spelling the alphabet. But a police officer can also ask a driver to take a breathalyzer test. These tests are voluntary, and the driver can say no to them at any time. If he says no, he probably would be arrested. Then the next step is taking the driver to jail, or to a local hospital, to run blood taste. A blood test will say if the driver was under the influence of any substance. The staff at the hospital can also use urine, besides blood.

If the results of the test are positive driver will be guilty of DIU. Because of it, drivers that are guilty of it must undertake a course in Recovery Center. Getting a DIU is a serious issue, and the person who got it must admit there is a problem. For some people, this is a mistake that happened the first time, but for a fee of them, this is an ongoing problem. These kinds of people most admit that substance abuse is a problem and that it is affecting their life.

Consequences are in many forms

There are few things from which we can say a person has a problem with this. First of them is having problems in a work place, or at home with their family. They also have an energy deficit and money problems, because they spent most of it on drugs and alcohol. They are also not very productive which can affect every aspect of their life. For these types of people, Recovery Center is so beneficial, and they will take most of it.


Medical detoxSome people are under the influence of so much alcohol that they can function normally. This is when the medical detox is performed. It is often performed in hospitals because it has many risks. The staff in the hospital will give the patient medications that are necessary, which can cause a patient to feel confused, disoriented, and it can cause the body to shake.

Medical detox is not the only step; it is very important to conduct psychological therapy to discover why a person is drinking, what are the reasons he is abusing substances, and to try to overcome it and live life without them.