What is PTSD?

PTSD or posttraumatic stress disorder is a very serious mental illness, which affects people who had a traumatic experience in their life. Many different things can cause it like rape, tragic experience, but it is most common in people who at some period very exposed to war and traumas.
There are many different symptoms associated with PTSD, but the most common are, anxiety, stress, depression, trouble with sleep. People who are suffering from this illness are more likely to commit suicide, and that is why here in Recovery Center in Colorado we are devoted to helping them. Our main goal is to try to eliminate symptoms of PTSD and help them with the recovery process. One of how we are doing so is cognitive behavioral therapy.

What is CBT and how does it help?

CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is focused on symptoms and feeling that patients with PTSD have, but also in changing the negative taught and behavior. Our therapists in Recovery Center in Colorado are trying to reduce symptoms and to prepare people for everyday life, where they can function as healthy individual. They will talk with patients about their trauma, and what caused it, and try to help them to recover. They will help the patient with getting over the negative cycle and insert positive view of life. It will help people who suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder to integrate into society after their trauma. Therapists will also give them a coping mechanism and understand their experience.
People who were exposed to war trauma and sexual assault undergo CBT. That is why is associated with war veterans, and exposure therapy helped them the most.

Medication in PTSD

Besides psychical therapy, medications are also used in helping these patients. Not many of them are proven to help, but antidepressants, benzodiazepines, glucocorticoids, and cannabinoids have a positive effect on the treatment program.

Other activities and PTSD

sport and physical activityMany other activities can also help, one of them is a sport and physical activity. These are proven methods with many mental issues. It is recommended to work out three to four times a day and to use exercise as a form of distraction. It will also help you with your self-esteem, and you will have a feeling of control once again. Children can also suffer from the post-traumatic disorder and play therapy help them a lot. This type of therapy is often used with children. Children suffering from PTSD are often victim of neglect, sexual or physical abuse, but also mental abuse. Those who had this type of experience often in life develop anxiety, feeling of fear, sadness, anger, low self-esteem. They often have problems with alcohol and drug abuse in their life. Every child reacts different to trauma, some have symptoms that go away in few month, but others in not treated show symptoms for years. Children also react best to CBT.