Experts that are part of our team witnessed many difficult situations that helped them to understand better the matter of addiction and PTSD. Doctor Phill Jenkins is one of those people that successfully treated patients always like to see and ask of. He is at the same time the leader of our treatment programs.


The people who we treat come from different domains – from successful people in business to single mothers and sports athletes. Many of them had problems with PTSD and DUI, which influenced their everyday lives heavily. We managed to treat their problems and show them the right way.


The goal of our team is clear – we want to make Colorado a better and safer place to live. The people who have problems with PTSD and DUI are not a direct threat to other people, but their inconsistency and lack of self-respect force them to make mistakes. We want to stop that – we want to get them on sobriety track and make them overcome their traumas.